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Cool Summer Vacation Destinations To Beat The Heat

June 12, 2024

Are you seeking an escape from the dog days of summer? Beat the heat with a vacation to one of these cool destinations. We recently sat down with Kendall County Now to discuss our top picks. Read Now

Three Things To Know About River Cruises

May 10, 2024

Are you craving a getaway that immerses you in breathtaking scenery and lets you unwind leisurely? If so, a river cruise might be the perfect choice for your next adventure. We recently sat down with the Kane County Chronicle to […]

Three Reasons To Start Planning Your Summer Vacation Now

April 10, 2024

Now that Spring has sprung, that means summer is close behind. Have you started dreaming about your summer escape yet? We recently spoke with Kendall County Now about three reasons to start the planning process now. Read Now.

Plan A Trip To See The Northern Lights in 2024

March 12, 2024

If you have not yet seen the Aurora Borealis natural light show, commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, you are in luck: this year is an excellent time to catch them. Why? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space […]

From Cold Days to Warm Getaways: Oswego Travel’s Guide to 2024 Adventures

February 15, 2024

The winter chill has a way of sparking wanderlust, and here at Oswego Travel, we’re feeling the buzz. As the temperature drops, conversations about vacations heat up, with everyone eager to fill their 2024 calendars with exciting plans. Despite working […]

Tips For Planning A Fun Spring Break Getaway

February 9, 2024

The dog days of winter are nearly behind us, and that means spring is almost here. Are you hoping to get out of Dodge for spring break this year? We recently spoke with Kendall County Now to provide some tips […]

Navigating Flight Cancellations: How Oswego Travel Saves Your Week

January 9, 2024

Today we are helping you tackle the challenge of flight cancellations. With Alaska and United recently canceling hundreds of flights, many of our travelers were understandably concerned. But fear not, we’ve reached out to everyone affected and are working hard […]

2024 Travel Trends: Navigating the New Norms in Global Exploration

January 5, 2024

As we set our sights on the upcoming year, the travel landscape continues to evolve, offering fresh and exciting trends for avid explorers. 2024 is shaping up to be a year of mindful travel, emphasizing experiences that resonate on a […]

What to Pack for a River Cruise

December 15, 2023

Happy Friday to all! This is our Friday Travel update from Oswego Travel! Families are more determined than ever to see the world together, as we are seeing multi-generational travel continue to be a leading trend in travel this year. […]

The Top Travel Destinations for 2024

December 5, 2023

Our President, Lynn Farrell was recently asked to give her top 6 must-visit spots for 2024. Get ready to pack your bags, dust off the sunglasses, and update your passport because we’ve got the insider scoop on 2024’s hottest travel […]