All-inclusive Resorts with Kids

From when their first child is born, parents have high hopes of giving their children every opportunity, including traveling to new places and introducing them to new cultures, food, and lifestyles. But good intentions rarely come without some pain and suffering for parents.

Travel can be complicated – with many reservations to keep track of. Anyone who has ever traveled with children can attest that you can multiply that complication by the number of children traveling. Our travel advisors at Oswego Travel have worked with countless families over the years, helping to plan, organize, and simplify the entire vacation process from start to finish.

We often recommend an all-inclusive resort for families of young children and multi-generational families traveling together. An all-inclusive resort provides the ease parents need most when traveling with children. Everything is on-site, from food to entertainment, spa treatments, and water activities – all available to you without any exchange of money, keeping your hands free and your focus on family.

AMR main pool

All-inclusive resorts are properties in vacation destinations where guests pay a fixed price per person and, in exchange, can enjoy all the facilities, including accommodations, meals, beverages, and most activities. Some special activities and top-shelf alcoholic drinks may have an additional surcharge depending on the resort or the all-inclusive package you have chosen.

We understand the effort it takes to move with little ones from one destination to another. It requires so much preparation to get out of the room, parents are exhausted before they’ve left the hotel. This is why we encourage parents to opt for a relaxing, all-in-one-place type of vacation.

Like cruise ships, many all-inclusive resorts offer kids’ clubs, allowing little ones to engage with peers while enjoying age-appropriate activities. At the same time, parents can enjoy the fruits of their labor – whether in the adults-only area or simply enjoying a good book in peace.

All-inclusive resorts can be very cost-effective for families. Resorts go above and beyond to entertain their guests. We’ve seen everything – including mini golf, bowling alleys, and surf lessons. If you paid for each of your children’s activities separately off property, you’d spend a considerable amount more than what the fixed rate offers. Not to mention the additional amount you would spend on snacks!

Before booking your family’s next vacation, it’s essential to know that not all all-inclusive resorts are alike, with some catering exclusively to adults and couples. Our experienced advisors are here to find the best resort for your family and budget. The last thing you want to do is end up at a resort that isn’t equipped for children and families. A travel advisor has the knowledge and resources to ensure that your family will never feel out of place.

In addition to seeking out family-friendly resorts, a travel advisor can help you navigate the varying levels of all-inclusive resorts, including entry-level, mid-level, and luxury, to understand better what to expect with each one.

Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

What you’ll notice most between the different levels are the accommodations, beverage packages, and unique activities, such as watercraft. The Barcelo Resorts offer a great entry-level resort experience for families, with kids’ clubs and traditional accommodations.

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts

The Nickelodeon Resorts represent the luxury level, offering suites that sleep up to five guests with kid-friendly dining and activity options, without sacrificing amenities or comfort.

Above all else, the purpose of a vacation is to relax. All-inclusive resorts allow parents to do just that while still giving their children the vacation of a lifetime! Contact your Oswego Travel Advisor to learn more about family-friendly all-inclusive resorts.

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